“Messenger of Peace” by totalitarian regime

The World Scout Foundation is a small organisation. It’s goal is to raise fundraising for WOSM, without determining the direction of WOSM. 

The WSF started to lobby the king of Saudi Arabia to invest in the Messengers of Peace program. At that time WOSM and WSC had not decided to create such project. The king was promised that 2 million scouts would each year take part in the “Messengers of Peace” program. For a totalitarian regime, in the bottom-5 of the Democracy Index, this was an excellent opportunity to improve their image. The king offered 37.5 million US Dollar support for the MoP program.

There was no such program, so WSF had to create it. After that it had to be approved by the National Scout Organisations in the World Scout Conference. There was a lot of discontent, but nobody dared to object. Especially in Europe there was little enthousiasme. 

A small organisation with a lot of money is a risk for corruption. At least one person was appointed as program manager, because of relations with the WSF. A company was given a large order to develop an internet platform. The chairman of the Board of Management was also member of the WSF.

This could very well be the tip of the iceberg.