Eduardo Missoni was appointed as Secretary General of the WOSM in 2004. He was less interested in political power games. People that wanted to control him, could not control him. A coup was planned. The Boy Scouts of America demanded that Missoni would be fired, otherwise BSA would stop paying their contribution to WOSM. BSA was followed by the Swedish Scout organisation and the World Scout Foundation.

The World Scout Committee did not agree. Not firing Missoni would cause the World Scout Bureau to go bankrupt. So Missoni was fired.

Missoni had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. He refused to do this. Therefore all details regarding this case can be found online. 

The person in the Swedish scout organisation, who raised the complaint later became a director at the World Scout Bureau.

For the World Scout Foundation: this organisation should according to WOSM’s governance only provide funding and not have influence on the direction of WOSM. WSF however does influence the direction of WOSM, as is also shown in the Messengers of Peace program.