FIFA, WOSM and abuses

Every week millions of scouts meet. They learn new skills, working together and make the world a little better. Scouts have their Scout Oath and Scout Law.

The top of large organisations have a risk of corruption. Remember FIFA and the assignment of the  organisation of World Football Cup Tournaments to Russia and Qatar. Would Scouting with their honor system be sensitive to these corrupt practices? 

WOSM is not different. This website is dedicated to the corruption in WOSM. Based on experiences with people, who put personal gains above the interest of our youth members.

Scouts who dare to address these abuses are fired from their WOSM positions. Their complaints are ignored. 

This website has 2 objectives. 

  • Publish abuses in WOSM, to support improvements in the governance framework
  • Serve a point to report WOSM abuses.